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Our Vision

To provide a platform and products that help teams optimize their businesses with premium location technology. was founded with the vision of revolutionizing mobile location technology and empowering developers to create the best possible location-aware apps.

We believe that businesses should have access to top-quality location technology without sacrificing the battery life of their users' mobile devices. That's why we've developed products that are not only accurate, but also battery efficient.

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Location Accuracy
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Our Locations offices. amsterdam office. bangalore office.

Our Leadership

Driven by the idea that location technology needs to innovate, Manoj and Joe founded back in 2017 when it was formally known as GeoSpark.

As the business continued to grow and develop new products, GeoSpark rebranded to to better reflect who we are and what we do.

Manoj and Joe both complement one another to create a harmonious leadership environment at

Manoj Adithya CEO Co-founders

Manoj Adithya

Co Founder & CEO
Jothi Priyadarshan CTO Co-founder

Jothi Priyadarshan

Co-founder & CTO

Our Investors is proud to have received investment from Airbridge Equity Partners in 2018, the same year that we graduated from the highly respected Rockstart AI Accelerator program. With their support, we have been able to further develop our technology and bring our innovative solutions to a wider market.

We are grateful for their confidence in our team and our vision, and we are excited to continue working with them as we strive to achieve our goals and make a positive impact in the world of location technology.

Rockstart, Accelerator based in Amsterdam, investor in Roam
Airbridge, VC based in Amsterdam, investor in