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Roam.ai has Native iOS and Android SDKs, but also React Native, Flutter, and Cordova

Location Solutions for mobile apps

Battery efficient, highly accurate, and reliable location solutions for mobile apps. With our SDK and APIs, unlock the potential of location technology and enhance your mobile app’s user experience.

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GDPR compliant, and that simply means we don't sell data. We provide a customizable data retention period to fit your business needs. All collected data is encrypted and anonymized. No personal information on users is collected.

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Helping you solve industry-specific challenges

Elevating your last-mile delivery service

Add lots of key functionalities whilst improving the battery efficiency and location accuracy of your delivery app

Keep track of deliveries in real-time
Seamless updates on order status and location
Connect users to nearest delivery personnel
Ride Hailing solutions for location tracking with Location SDK, Trips API, Nearby API, and more. Provided by Roam.ai

Take your ride-hailing app to the next level

Premium location technology helps improve the customer experience by delivering accurate ETAs and much more

Trips with multiple destinations
Live tracking of driver
Automatic status notifications
Ride Hailing location tracking solution with Location SDK, Trips API, and Nearby API. Plug and play solution for Ride Hailing, Out of the box solution for ride hailing.

Fitness just got an upgrade

Our customizable Location SDK and Trips API will support your fitness app in tailoring the needs of its users

Optimized battery efficiency for longer activities
Offline tracking for offline activities
Precise activity tracking
Fitness solutions for location tracking with Location SDK, Trips API, and more. Provided by Roam.ai

Explore location-based marketing

Reaching your customers at the right place and the right time requires a premium accuracy engine and support from a Geofencing and Insights API

Location-based marketing
Customize geofences to fit your use case
Measure key user insights
Retail solutions for location-based marketing with Location SDK, Marketing Campaigns, and more! Provided by Roam.ai

The #1 industry reference for user tracking

Whether it's salesforce tracking, family tracking, or just user tracking, our SDK is the perfect solution for building your user tracking app

Built to prioritize user safety
GDPR compliant data privacy policy
Real-time user tracking
User tracking location tracking solutions built by Roam.ai. Improve accuracy and battery efficiency of user tracking. Sales force tracking. Workforce tracking. Family tracking.

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