for Ride Hailing

Take your ride-hailing app to the next level, and guarantee a premium location technology for your customers. Improve the accuracy and battery efficiency of their mobile device.

Ride Hailing location tracking solution with Location SDK, Trips API, and Nearby API. Plug and play solution for Ride Hailing, Out of the box solution for ride hailing.
real-time tracking of drivers on ride-hailing app powered by

Offer customers real-time tracking of their drivers

Know where your drivers are in real-time for internal use.

No delay in location updates thanks to our SDK and Pub/Sub infrastructure.

Broadcast live location of driver to user's device.

Impact: Better in-app customer experience thanks to transparent and efficient driver location tracking.

Trips with multiple stops

Create trips with multiple stops along the way.

Add carpooling capabilities in one trip.

Measure time taken between stops, and time reached at each stop for internal use and customer service.

Impact: Gather valuable trip data for internal use.

Trips with multiple stops Trips API for ride-hailing apps
Automatic notifications along journey with Geofencing for ride-hailing. Geofencing API

Automatic Notifications with Geofencing

Planned trips include Geofences on each stop to program notifications.

Send notifications to your users to update them on their driver's location.

Promote a handsfree experience for your driver's to keep safety on the road.

Impact: Allows hands free notifications to prevent driver's from texting while driving.

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