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Take your last-mile delivery app to the next level and guarantee a premium location technology for your delivery personnel and customers. Improve the accuracy and battery efficiency of their mobile device, whilst adding lots of key functionalities!

Ride Hailing solutions for location tracking with Location SDK, Trips API, Nearby API, and more. Provided by
Real Time order tracking solution for last mile delivery. Powered by

Real-time order tracking

Accurate and consistent location data to improve the user experience.

Our Pub/sub infrastructure smoothes out the tracking of the delivery personnel for the user, enabling users to track their location accurately in real-time.

Monitor delivery personnel performance, their speed, find optimized routes, and differentiate between modes of transportation.

Impact: Better customer experience on the app by providing transparent and efficient order tracking.

Trip management

Plan trips with one or more destination points.

Optimized route for pick up and delivery determined by the number of destination points.

Planned and optimized routes ensure on-time deliveries. No more cold Pizza!

Impact: Achieve same-day delivery, and increase customer satisfaction by reducing time to delivery thanks to smooth internal trip management.

Manage trips with Trips API. Powered by
Status notifications throughout order with Geofencing API. Powered by API

Status notifications with Geofencing

Through the power of geofence technology, stay up to date with the process of your order.

Push notifications that update the customer about their order status and delivery personnel's location.

Automatic updates that don't need the delivery personnel to perform manual tasks while on the job, so they concentrate on bringing the delivery to the doorstep.

Impact: Ensure drivers don't have to perform manual tasks, keeping them focused on their task, traffic, and saving time.

Connecting nearby with Nearby API

Find the personnel closest to the customer.

Delivery personnel are also able to see jobs nearest to them.

Finding personnel closest to the customer ensures accurate ETA's for deliveries.

Impact: Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring shortest ETA possible.

Find nearby delivery drivers and delivery zones with Nearby API. Powered by

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