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The #1 Location SDK for user tracking. Whether it's simple user tracking, family tracking, or salesforce tracking, we've got the perfect solution for you. Ensure safety, privacy, speed, accuracy, and battery efficiency of location tracking.

User tracking location tracking solutions built by Improve accuracy and battery efficiency of user tracking. Sales force tracking. Workforce tracking. Family tracking.

The #1 industry reference for user tracking

Whether it's your sales staff, your friends and family, or even construction workers, there are important requirements when it comes to user tracking. Our User Tracking solution focuses precisely on those requirements.

Solution includes:

high accuracy location tracking visual, showing the difference between SDK and Native location tracking

Market-leading accuracy

Our accuracy engine always ensures that you’re able to accurately determine your user’s positioning in case of an emergency.

Use our Get Current Location feature for certain use cases for even more accuracy

Better accuracy promotes user safety as it ensures that you’ll be able to location anyone efficiently

Impact: An accuracy engine applies various algorithms and techniques to improve the accuracy of location data. Apart from the GPS, it relies on other device sensors to deliver accurate and reliable location data.

Highly Reliable

Offline Tracking: Location data is stored locally on the device whilst not connected to the internet. This ensures that location data is still being collected even in the most remote of areas.

Mock location prevention: Prevention is there to ensure that location-based apps and services receive accurate and reliable location data from the device's GPS receiver, rather than spoofed or fabricated location data.

Always-on tracking: Continue to track and gather location data regardless of the mobile app stage: foreground, background or suspended.

Impact: Always be able to track when you need to, no matter the circumstance or the user behavior

Visual showing reliability features like offline tracking, mock location prevention, and always on tracking
Visual showing the 3 different customizable tracking modes offers in its location SDK

Customizable Tracking Modes

Active tracking: 25-250m intervals
Balanced tracking: 50-500m intervals
Passive tracking: 100-1000m intervals

Additionally, fully custom distance or time intervals to suit your needs and optimize the functionality of your app

Use Get Current Location to track locations without the need for a tracking mode

Impact: Pick or create the tracking mode that suits your use-case perfectly and play around with them to optimize battery efficiency


With the SDK only plan, the location data you collect goes directly to your databases, and not through Roam’s backend.

We are GDPR compliant. That means no data is sold or communicated with third parties.

Privacy is also ensured through customizable data retention periods. 

Impact: Ensures that the personal data collection is solely used for the the app to operate, and compliant with GDPR.

Visual showing how privacy conscious is. Fully GDPR compliant, we don't sell data

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