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Explore the world of location-based retail marketing and create user proximity triggered ad campaigns near your retail stores.

Retail solutions for location-based marketing with Location SDK, Marketing Campaigns, and more! Provided by
Location based marketing with Geofencing API powered by

Geofence marketing

Use our Geofencing API for retail ad-campaigns and alert customers with push notification when they are within your retail store's vicinity to promote your latest deals.

Setup geofences around your competitors locations to attract customers to your stores.

Customize the campaigns to the fit the time of day that suits your product best.

Impact: Get ahead of the curve and build the next generation of marketing apps.

Custom marketing campaigns

Create geofences to fit your exact marketing campaigns whether it's a product announcement or a simple ad.

Customize the time of day geofences are active to fit your opening hours or campaign goals.

Include your own metadata for hyper-personalization of campaigns based on demographics or any other variable.

Impact: Design geofences specific to your marketing campaigns.

Custom Geofencing for retail powered by
Gather valuable user insights for retail location based marketing campaigns powered by

Valuable user insights

Measure the Click Through Rate (CTR) and Users Notified to optimize your campaigns.

A/B testing: Run multiple campaigns simultaneously to benchmark them with one another.

Include metadata into campaigns and use it to your advantage.

Impact: Every marketing campaign needs data for benchmarking. We'll provide CTR and over valuable insights to help you measure their performance.

Location-based marketing

Target users based on their location to maximize campaign conversions.

Notify your users when they are in the favoured proximity you would want them to be.

Attract customers away from your competitors and into your stores.

Impact: Enabling you to maximize user conversion with the right place, right time approach.

Send notifications at the right place and the right time with Geofencing API

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