Location SDK

Roam Location SDK

Want to power your app with reliable and accurate location tracking? Our SDK offers customizable tracking modes, always-on tracking, offline location tracking, and mock location prevention. With low battery drain, your app can offer top-notch location tracking without draining battery life.

Battery Efficiency of location tracking with Location SDK. Powered by Roam.ai
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Premium Accuracy Engine

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Real-time accurate location tracking

Raw locations processed in real-time, using a combination of accuracy filters, sensor fusion, & IMUs.

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Up to 1m Location Accuracy

Significantly improve location accuracy from native tracking to take your app to the next level.

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Location history

Collect live locations, but also have access to location history of your users depending on your data retention period.

Native accuracy compared to Location SDK. More accurate solution than Native. Roam.ai
Low battery drain location tracking. High battery efficiency location tracking. Location SDK with high battery efficiency. Reduce battery drain with Location SDK. roam.ai.

Low Battery Drain

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Adaptive location tracking

We adapt to the user's movement to optimize battery drain and follow the true path of the user.

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90% battery efficiency

Depending on tracking mode, get as low as 1% battery drain from a full day of tracking.

Customized location tracking

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Dynamic distance intervals

Dynamic tracking modes that adapt to user movement to further optimize battery by only collecting location updates when needed

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Built for your industry

Pre-built tracking modes with use cases and industries in mind, offering tailored location tracking solutions

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Custom tracking mode

Build your own tracking mode: Choose the distance or time interval that works for your use case.

Distance based tracking with dynamic intervals. Save battery with efficient tracking. Roam.ai tracking modes.
Highly reliable location SDK. Always on tracking. Location tracking in background. Offline location tracking. Mock location prevention SDK. Roam.ai

Highly reliable tracking

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Always on tracking

Our Location SDK will track in foreground, background, and suspended app states, depending on which permissions are granted by the end user

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Offline tracking

Track users even if internet connection is lost. Data is stored locally during the offline period, and live tracking resumes when users is back online.

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Mock location prevention

Get rid of mock location apps, GPS spoofing apps, or GPX files, helping you prevent location fraud. Possibility to enable mock location for testing.