Geofencing API

Roam Geofencing API

Our Geofencing API offers fully-customizable geofences including polygon, user-specific, time-sensitive, and metadata geofences. Optimize your location-based services and provide a better user experience with our advanced geofencing capabilities. Get entry and exit events captured in real-time via webhook. Explore geofencing marketing and location-based marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

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Custom-shaped Geofences

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Circle or square Geofences

Choose a preset circle or square geofence shape for ease of use with custom radius.

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Polygon Geofences

Create a geofence around a neigborhood, building block, or area within a city using a simple drag and drop system.

Delivery use-case: Delivery zone

Create a custom polygon geofence around a restaurant or a cloud kitchen and set the border to the exact street that sets the limit.

Customizable Geofences. Square geofence. Polygon geofence API. Delivery zone geofence.
User-specific geofences. Group-specific geofences. Only activate geofence with certain users.

User-specific Geofences

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Target users

Each user carries a unique user-id, enabling you to only activate geofences for certain user-ids.

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Group-specific Geofence

Group users based on whichever characteristic fits your use-case, and ensure your geofences are only active for that group of users.

Geofencing marketing use-case

Create customized geofences according to data you collect on your users and create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

Time-sensitive Geofences

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Enable and disable geofences at certain hours of the day to ensure events are sent only at the time you need them to be sent.

Retail Optimization use-case: Opening times

For marketing purposes, create a geofence around a store location and use a time-sensitive geofence to only send events during opening hours.

Time-sensitive geofences. Geofence only active for certain parts of the day
Pass metadata into geofence. Customize geofence with metadata.


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Unique geofences

Pass your own metadata into the geofences like demographics, purchase history, or any other metadata you have on your user base.

Marketing use-case: Targeted marketing

Do you collect demographic data on your users? Use Roam's metadata geofences to create a location-based marketing campaign specifically to a certain demographic.


Use geofences to create location based marketing campaigns and effectively reach your audience with targeted ads. Measure valuable campaign insights like user notified and CTR to determine which store locations perform best.

Unlock the power of location intelligence and reach your customers at the right time and the right place. With our highly custom geofence API you'll be able to create the most targeted marketing campaigns!

Marketing campaigns with geofencing. Location based marketing.