Insights API

Our Insights API is a powerful tool that provides developers with a wide range of valuable insights on their users. With Insights API, developers can gather data on a variety of user behaviors, including their home and work locations, as well as the points of interest they frequently visit.

Insights API to find user points of interest (POI), home and work location. Machine learning algorithm to determine user insights.

Find user home location

Finding the home location

Based on multiple parameters like time of day spent in certain locations and just enough machine learning, Insights will learn a user's home location.

Location-based notifications

Once you have worked out the user's home location, have notifications sent as they reach or leave home.

Delivery use-case: Hungry notifications

Send users notifications with promotions on certain delivery options once they reach their home location around eating hours.

Find user home location.
Find user work location.

Find user work location

Finding the work location

Based on multiple parameters like time of day spent in certain locations and with some machine learning, Insights will learn a user's work location.

Location-based notifications

Using the work location you can send strategic location-based notifications to certain users.

Ride-hailing: End of day ride

Once you know a user's work location, send them a notification when the end of their work day comes around with a discount on their next ride home.

Find user Points of Interest (POI)

User (POI)

With Insight, you will be able to collect information on where users spend time outside of their home and work location.

Valuable user insight

With the user Points of Interest data you will gain a better understanding of your users.

Delivery use-case: Finding new restaurants

Is there a restaurant some of your users go to often but isn't yet a partner on your delivery platform? Contact them with valuable data to sign the deal!

Find user points of interest (POI)
Location intelligence API.

Location intelligence

Versatile insights API

Roam's Insights API is built to be versatile and suited for those that are just getting into location intelligence, or the veterans of this league.

POI-based targeting with Insights API

There are a variety of use-cases you can build around POI-based targeting for marketing, or other general reasons to improve your business.

Data-driven business intelligence

Use the data collected with the Insights API to make data-driven business intelligence decisions and improve customer experience in your app

Frequently asked questions

What types of user data points does's Insights API gather and analyze?

The Insights API will let you gather the home and work location of a user, as well as a list of points of interest. These include restaurants, gyms, parks, etc.

How long does's Insights API need to collect data before generating actionable insights?

The API needs approximately 7 days of data collection, depending on how regular / irregular the moving patterns of a user are. If they are often switching locations and do not have predictable home and work locations it may take longer. That said, consistent movement patterns after 7 days will produce an output of insights.

How does the privacy mechanism work in's Insights API?

Roam is fully GDPR compliant. That means, all data that is collected is anonymized and encrypted. Although we collect home and work locations, we do not collect personal information such as the name, age, or contact details of a user. We also do not sell or communicate any of the data we collect with external parties.

What is the data retention policy for the Insights API?

We offer completely customizable data retention periods. By default our data retention policy is set at a maximum of 60 days, but we can go as low as 15 days for the Insights API. The reason for this minimum is in order to make sure the Insights API still has enough data to function.
Which database does the Insights API utilize for storing Points of Interest (POIs)?
We are currently using Open Street Maps (OSM) data for our POIs.

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