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With Roam's technology, take your fitness apps to new heights. Improved accuracy, better battery efficiency for longer activities, and offline tracking to support the most remote activities.

Fitness solutions for location tracking with Location SDK, Trips API, and more. Provided by

Fitness just got an upgrade

We want to empower your users and push them to go on longer and more remote activities, whilst still being able to accurately and efficiently tracking their activities.

Solution includes:

Create a Trip with multiple stops

Accurate location tracking

Allow your users to track their runs, bikes and walks in real-time with precise accuracy.

Measure more accurate points of departure and arrival.

Let users track accurately no matter the speed or mode of transport.

Impact: Increased customer satisfaction and decrease customer turnover.

Optimized battery efficiency for longer activities

Our battery efficiency allows for longer activities with minimal battery drain.

Help your users run without worrying about needing to go back for a charger.

A strong battery life is always important in case of emergencies.

Impact: Enable users to listen to music, use navigation, or even call during their activities without worrying about battery drain.

Optimized battery efficiency for longer fitness activities. Powered by
Offline tracking for fitness apps. Offline Tracking SDK by

Offline activities

Perfect for remote activities like hiking and trail running.

Our products and features work as usual when users are offline.

Your users will never have to worry about losing any track of their activity.

Impact: Market a fitness app fit for the most remote activities.

Collect activity data

Gather insights like speed, average speed, and total distance covered.

More accurate record of distance covered.

Gather insights like speed, average speed, and total distance covered.

Impact: Market a fitness app with detailed data collection for users to measure their performance.

Gather valuable insights on your users as they are on a trip with

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