Nearby API

Our Nearby API is a powerful tool that enables developers to enhance location-based features in their applications. The Nearby API uses advanced geolocation technology to provide accurate and up-to-date information about nearby locations and users.

Nearby API to find nearby users and geofences around a user or a location. Find nearest users to user. Find nearest user to location.

Find nearest user with Nearby API

Find the closest user to a specific location, or to a specific user.

It's handy for finding the nearest courier or driver to a user's location, or to find a relative on a family tracking app.

Calling the Nearby User API can be used in combination with the Trips API automatic trip detection feature, to create a Dispatch functionality. This is not a method Roam offers, but it is a way in which the APIs can function together.

Find nearest user with nearby api
Find nearest geofence with nearby api.

Find nearest geofence with Nearby API

Find the closest geofence to a specific location, or to a specific user. Ideal for finding which restaurants deliver to your location on a food delivery app.

Finding Nearby Geofences can be paired with the many different types of Geofences we offer in order to create more specific use cases. For example, finding nearby Geofences only active during certain hours of a specific day.

Nearby API use-cases

Connecting delivery app personnel with customers in their area

connecting delivery personnel with users in their area. Nearby api

Dating and social apps to find users in your local area

Nearby api for dating apps. Find nearest user to you.

Connecting users with the closest ride-hailing drivers.

Connecting users with the closest ride-hailing drivers

Helping users find nearest restaurants that deliver

Find nearest restaurant that delivers from user. nearby api.

Frequently asked questions

How does's Nearby API function?

The Nearby API lets you find nearby users or nearby geofences either around a specific location, or a specific user. Once you make the API call, you will receive a list of all the nearby users or geofences depending on what call you made. You can customize the API call to search within the radius of your choice.

Does the Nearby API provide distance information for each nearby user?

Yes, you will be able to see the straight shot distance from the point you selected to the specific users. You will not however be able to see the traveling distance using roads, but merely the straight shot distance.

Is the Nearby API suitable for use as a Dispatch API?

Yes, you can use the nearby API to find the user that is the closest to the specific location, and pair that result to assign them to a specific task. You can use the automatic trip detection feature by pairing the nearest user to the create planned trip method. Note that these are not built-in features of each API, but merely ways to use those APIs together.

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