Trips API

Our Trips API is ideal for fitness, delivery, or ride-hailing apps. Choose single or multiple destination trips, enjoy offline trips, and provide users with valuable trip summaries. Perfect for enhancing your app's functionality and providing a better user experience.

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Build more with our Trips API

We built our trips API to adapt to your apps use case. No matter the industry, you will find valuable features to help you create unique location experiences.

Multi-stop trip management

Create trips that have multiple origins and destination point, and optimize your routes

Real-time location updates

Live updates during an event, including the entry and exit events of origin and destination

Trip summary

A trip summary that includes distance, travel time, and route taken.

Track and trace

Trip tracker Track and trace for users to follow the progress of their delivery through a link

Quick Trips

Instantly create a trip from point A to point B in real-time. Get a summary of the trip including distance covered, time taken, route taken and more!

Quick Trips is ideal for when a trip's destination is not pre-defined. Start and end the trip either with user-input, or with automations; use Geofences to create automatic entry / exit events, or arrivals at certain locations.

Quick trips API. Instantly create trip with trips API. Fitness quick trips. Trip summary with distance traveled and time taken.

Planned Trips

Plan trips ahead of time and allow users to stop at a single or multiple locations along the way. Optionally, stop locations act as geofences triggering entry and exit events at every stop location. You'll be able to customize the radius of your geofences at each location.

Planned Trips is ideal for trips with pre-defined destinations and will serve as the perfect platform to build a trip management system on.

You'll be able to implement automatic trip detection and creation with automations like geofence exits or departure from certain locations.

Trip with multiple destinations. Carpooling feature with trips API.

Trip tracking dashboard

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Live tracking of trips

Follow the live progression of a single trip including time elapsed, distance covered, and number of stop locations reached

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Send tracking links

Create unique tracking links to be shared and showcase the progress of a single trip

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Trip summary

View an entire trip upon completion with arrival times at each stop location as well as users who were part of the trip

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Frequently asked questions

What types of data does the Trip API provide?

We differentiate between a quick trip and a planned trip. A quick trip is used when there is no pre-defined destination, therefore the trip is created instantly, and ended upon user request. A planned trip is created when there is one or more pre-defined destination. These trips can either be single destination or multi-stop trips.

What are some use cases for quick trips?

Quick trips are ideal for Fitness applications, where there is no known destination for a fitness activity. This will enable the user to create a trip for their fitness activity and receive a summary of their trip with distance covered, time taken, and other relevant data points.

What are some examples of uses cases for planned trips?

Planned trips are ideal for Delivery or Ride-Hailing, where there is a pre-defined location known. For Ride-Hailing the multi stop trip option allows app developers to create carpooling functionalities to their application. For delivery using planned trips is useful to create a stop location around the pickup and delivery points, all within the same trip.

Does the Trips API offer automatic trip detection?

You will be able to automatically create trips based on certain events. For example, geofences let you create entry and exit events trigger updates on a trip process. This will allow you to for example create a trip automatically when a user leaves their home location to start their first shift.
How are stop locations defined within the Trips API?
Stop locations are the intermediary pre-defined locations when a multi-stop location is created. These stop locations act as Geofences, and will therefore enable you to create entry and exit notifications when users enters and / or leaves the stop location. In delivery and ride-hailing this means you can provide a hands-free notification service.

What information is included in the trip summary?

For quick trips, the summary will show the start and end times, as well as the distance covered, time taken, and a list of all location updates of the trip. The trip summary will also include the user(s) that were part of that trip, as well as a polyline tracing of the trip. The planned trips summary includes the same as the quick trip summary plus the arrival and departure times for each stop locations.

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