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Trips API

Multi-stop trip management

Create trips that have multiple origins and destination point, and optimize your routes

Real-time location updates

Live updates during an event, including the entry and exit events of origin and destination

Trip summary

A trip summary that includes distance, travel time, and route taken

Track and trace

Trip tracker Track and Trace for users to follow the progress of their delivery through a link

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Roam Trips API

Geofence API

Roam Geofence API

Polygon Geofences

Create circle, square, or polygon geofences

User-specific Geofences

Create geofences only activated by certain users or groups of users

Time-sensitive Geofences

Geofences which are only activated at certain hours of the day


Pass your own metadata into the geofence to create even more unique geofences

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Nearby API

Find Nearest User

Find the closest users either to aspecific location, or to a specific user. Use the data to feed your dispatch software, streamline deliveries, and more!

Find Nearest Geofence

Find the closest geofences either to a specific location, or to a specific user. A useful feature across many industries namely delivery, ride-hailing, or retail.

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Roam Nearby API

Insights API

Roam Insights API

Find User Home Location

After a period of data collection, identify a user's home location

Find User Work Location

Find where your users spend their time working

Find user POIs

Points of interest (POI) analysis to gather valuable user insights

Location Intelligence

Use these insights to make data-driven business decisions to improve customer experience with your app

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