Preventing the spread of Covid-19 with location technology

Manoj Adithya
Manoj Adithya
Co-Founder & CEO
April 16, 2020

Mobile app as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Track and trace people infected with coronavirus via an app.

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting 200+ countries and territories around the world. The virus has infected nearly 1.5 million people globally and has made a major socio-economic impact.

The top priority for governments and health institutions is to prevent the spread of the virus. Technology can play a vital role in achieving this goal and there are many initiatives around the world supporting the effort. One of them is C19 - a mobile app that allows to track and trace people infected with coronavirus thanks to advanced location technology.

About the app

C19 mobile app by GeoSpark is a free and ready-to-use solution for authorities battling the coronavirus outbreak around the world. The app helps make decisions and take actions based on data made available through users’ input and their GPS location. It ensures the users’ privacy, making sure that the data is collected and shared securely and anonymously.

More information about the app can be found.

How does it work?

When the application is opened for the first time, the user will be asked to provide their telephone number and answer a few questions about the COVID-19 symptoms and their possible exposure to the virus. Then, they will be qualified and grouped based on their responses, reflecting the health risk. The questionnaire and user grouping is fully customizable.

The app will track the user's location on a constant basis and will be able to establish the location of the user's home. Our intelligent technology ensures constant location tracking as long as the application is installed on the user's mobile device. Deactivating the application in the background, lack of internet connection or using false location software won’t affect data. C19 always provides accurate location tracking.
Additionally, the application consumes 90% less mobile phone battery compared to other location tracking solutions, ensuring smooth and hassle free user experience. Lastly, C19 will allow communication with the users through push notifications.

How can a mobile app help?

Our application can help any government or health institution to collect, analyze and use the data made available in order to make key decisions to battle the coronavirus outbreak. C19 is a supporting tool that will allow tracking of location and health status of the population with great precision in a fully automated way.

Our ‘corona virus app’ permits:

  • private status updates and communication,
  • realtime distribution of the virus,
  • tracking when and where an individual might have been exposed to the virus,
  • other additional location analytics.

Contact us

We want to distribute the C19 app amongst governments, health-focused NGO’s, medical and educational institutions or any other entities, fighting and analyzing the spread of COVID-19 completely pro bono. If you are interested or want to know more about this initiative, get in touch by sending an email to

Download the PDF describing the App.

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Manoj Adithya
Manoj Adithya
Co-Founder & CEO
April 16, 2020