GeoSpark 2.0 : Playground Pre Release

Jothi Priyadharshan
Jothi Priyadharshan
Co-founder & CTO
September 10, 2019

We are excited to announce the GeoSpark Playground with a completely new design and new APIs to help you build new location use cases.

Public Launch: 15 September 2019

🚀GeoSpark: Meta-Data Support, Multiple Origin Trips, Pause/Resume Trips, Nearby Users API and Event FlagsIt's mid August and we have exciting updates to share! Find all the details below and as always: don’t forget to tell us what we should build to make your life easier!

📝 Users, Geofences and Trips: Meta-Data Support

This update allows developers to store their key-value pairs as meta data along with users, geofences and trips which can be modified and retrieved using our APIs.

With meta-data, you can store additional data which allows developers to maintain single place for data access.

📍 Trips: Multiple Origin Support

This is an update to existing to TripsV2 where developers can have multiple origins for a trip where user taking the trip has to go through these origins to complete the trip.

With multiple origins, you can build logistics tracking application where the driver has to go through multiple origins for pickup and then proceed with destinations for delivery.

⏸ ▶️ Trips: Pause/Resume Support

We have added two new additional methods in SDK which will allow users to pause and resume their ongoing trips. This will help the user assigned to the trip better control over the trip.

🌐 API: Get Nearby Users

We have added new API to our list which will return the list of users around given specific distance to another user or given location. This is helpful when anyone want to find nearby users around the origin location before assigning them to trip.

🚩 Event Flags: Users

This update will enable/disable user events for geofence events/motion and trips. This will be always set as false by default for users created normally. You can modify the user event flags using our SDK methods.

🆕 Playground: Our New Dashboard

We have completely redesigned our dashboard and naming it as GeoSpark Playground from now. Our new playground gives complete power to developers and easy access to their account settings and projects page focussing more on map for better tracking and visualization.

🔥 GeoSpark Ignite: Product Features Showcase Application

You can use our GeoSpark Ignite app for iOS and Android to test GeoSpark before integrating the SDK, or to test your implementation of GeoSpark side-by-side with a complete implementation.

🔔 Campaigns

We have this new feature where developers can create location based notifications using geofences. Campaigns are easy to create with existing geofences along with message which has to be sent as a notification. The device will receive this message as push notification once enter/exit the geofence.

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Jothi Priyadharshan
Jothi Priyadharshan
Co-founder & CTO
September 10, 2019