How location based services can improve the customer experience

Read about how location-based services can boost your customers experience

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Everyone who is new to GeoSpark and also intends to implement Geofencing in their product, often asks us for the most optimal use-cases. In spite of many interesting location triggered solutions, the best is always to provide an excellent customer experience. GeoSpark believes the winning formula is when you combine the advantages of digital insights with customer engagement.

According to a recent report by Markets and Markets, location-based services are forecasted to grow from $8.12 billion in 2014 to $39.87 billion in 2019.

Location-based marketing solutions are widely used to improve the customer experience in venues such as, stadiums, theme parks and retail environments. It should always be kept in mind, that the goal is to proactively provide content that the user is likely interested in and which will make their experience more intuitive and convenient in relation to their physical environment. Sending unnecessary notifications to a user’s device, which may not grab their attention, should also be avoided. This creates the ideal customer experience, which translates into the "holy grail" for marketers, and should be your mindset when implementing Geospark’s platform.


Imagine you are walking into a bar before attending your favorite Super Bowl match. You play your favorite song using your TouchTunes app. Instantly, the bartender gets a notification that you have arrived and retrieves your favourite order and starts preparing it (based on histories). You receive a notification on your digital payment app triggering the payment and confirming the order. When you exit the bar, a request for a ride to the stadium is automatically placed on your Uber app. As you enter the proximity of the stadium location, your mobile device is presented with your digital ticket, keeping you free from fumbling in your bag for a physical ticket. You get 10% off on your next purchase at the fan store closest to your entrance of the stadium. These are just a few ideas for location based marketing; the possibilities are endless. The goal is to demonstrate how location triggered experiences and engagements can be used in various scenarios and is only limited by imagination!

People can always view live events and experiences remotely with improved tools like 75" 4K TV's and home theater systems. However, it is hard to rival a real world experience. To pull fans or customers from their comfortable couches and put them into the physical world, is the real challenge. In order to provide users with a unique customer journey (from a digital to physical experience), it's up to you to provide a location-aware app experience.

Your business can have many advantages by providing better customer experiences which is based on their location.

Location-based marketing should always be considered as a tool to help businesses enhance and improve the user experience as they interact with a physical locations. Similar to how marketers and businesses have tried to optimize web-based and digital experiences. If done correctly, not only can you achieve a higher conversion rate (through customer engagement), but you can optimize and increase the customer lifetime value.

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Looking to implement a location triggered solutions in your app? Read our step by step implementation guide of building a location triggered notification application with GeoSpark SDK and Firebase. We are always looking to improve our platform and would love to hear from you.

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