How Stoovo used to develop their Smart Map and optimize delivery

Marc Kranendonk
Marc Kranendonk
Content Manager
September 21, 2023

This is a slightly unconventional Customer Story. When we spoke to Hantz Févry, Founder & CEO of Stoovo, our audio recording didn’t work because of technical difficulties. That technical difficulty being me. I forgot to turn the audio on. 

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Fret not, we improvise, adapt and overcome these situations. People make mistakes, even the obvious ones. Luckily I had plenty of notes written down from the conversation to talk about Stoovo, what they do, and how they use for their app. 

Who is Stoovo and what do they do

For Stoovo, the destination isn’t enough. Their app is a Smart Map guide that provides information on the delivery destination to help mitigate issues with delivery care, efficiency, and lost orders. Delivery drivers from across all companies can use Stoovo to help make better deliveries and reduce errors.

They’ll give you the insights on what the building you are delivering to is like, if it has parking options, if you need to go through the back door or the front door, and what apartment level it's on. 

Addresses have been around for a long time. With cities having gotten more densely populated, people live closer together. That requires an extra layer of information for the delivery driver. For example, knowing that the frequencies of failed deliveries at the front door means that Stoovo will suggest to opt for the backdoor of certain buildings to ensure packages are dropped off in safer locations. In short, every destination is unique. 

Screenshot of Stoovo's app giving an insight on how their app helps delivery drivers better understand the location of their dropoff

Overcoming Challenges

The focus of Stoovo is address data, the collection of that data, processing it, and then delivering that as information to drivers. 

Doing that by themselves was a challenge. They were dealing with a lot of internal trash data like duplicate data. You can’t do much with useless data, so it took time to gather the data, clean it up, and then make sense of it all for the drivers.

They needed an accuracy engine that could deliver the data they needed efficiently. Roam’s accuracy engine helped them speed up the data process and improve the data quality, which let them collect the data faster, and make changes and improvements to the data for delivery personnel. 

So, whilst helping them increase the speed of their location data process, it also maintained the accuracy they needed for their business to perform. According to Hantz, helped them increase the speed of their data collection process by 75%. 

Future Plans

Since speaking to Stoovo, their future road map already had its start. They’ve got a new website and focus on address information, data and improving the handling and care of deliveries. They further want to explore working with geofences to increase the accuracy of their data, which will provide an extra mapping and routing layer. 

They’re also looking to provide their business for emergency services by helping them leverage address information. That way, they’re better informed about the site itself, and what they can expect upon arrival. This is crucial information for emergency services to make informed and tactical decisions in situations that require immediate attention and care. 

In the end, location technology is at the heart of their business and its growing success now and for the future. 

We’re thankful for Stoovo and the partnership we’ve built with them, and are excited to see what they do next! Check out their website by following this link here

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Marc Kranendonk
Marc Kranendonk
Content Manager
September 21, 2023