Location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain: GeoSpark

Read about how location tracking is possible with 90% less battery drain

Table of contents

1. Location Tracking with 90% less battery drain

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Even if you have the newest model smartphone, the first problem is the battery. This problem starts to show up after taking the phone and using it for 2-3 days. Var Technology giants will not consciously improve battery times ”, of course, but companies obviously have different plans in this area.

Our founder who saw his battery run out of need when he needed it most, rolled up his sleeves to create solutions to this problem and developed GeoSpark with a team . The story of Manoj Adithya, our founder based in Amsterdam, is quite beautiful.

To sum up, while testing the location-based messaging application they were working on, he had to morning in a train station about 50 km from the city center. The reason for not being able to reach anyone is that his phone was completely discharged and this was due to the fact that he was literally absorbing the battery when testing location based applications. Manoj Adithya has already decided and developed part of his team, based on artificial intelligence, GeoSpark, which uses up to 90% less battery than similar technologies.

GeoSpark keeps track of 90% of the battery compared to conventional technologies. More specifically, a location tracking application that you use for 5 hours is consuming about 85% of your battery.

With a user-friendly interface to developers, application developers can see the database in a visualized way and see more clearly what its users can say about their data. With visualization, it is easier to decide what you want to do with the data in your hand.

Another nice thing about GeoSpark is that it offers developers a market place. Keep in mind only the map applications. Location-based notification-sending applications, health applications, location tracking applications for security, cargo tracking, and many other areas that you can use this technology can use. This is where the marketplace is. If you have a good idea you can develop this idea with GeoSpark technology and make it available. This way, even if you don't use it on your own product, your creative usage model can be used by initiatives and you can generate revenue from it. Of course, you should remember that you are doing all this with a new technology and it will take time for the corporate users to reach.

Even if GeoSpark don't use a lot of applications, we want to get your location information, which causes users to continue our lives with less battery. At least, a solution such as GeoSpark technology can be used to provide a solution for battery consumption. If they continue so successfully in the future, we can say that there will be a revolution for mobile applications.