On-demand delivery with Roam.ai location tracking

Florence Rodgerson
Florence Rodgerson
Content Writer
March 25, 2021

From ordering weekly groceries to getting a hot meal from your local restaurant delivered to your doorstep, the ongoing pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in the use of online on-demand delivery services. As a trend that's only expected to continue, businesses must provide great customer experiences to keep people coming back for more.

The main question on customers' minds once they press ‘send’ is "where is my order?"

Without accurate real-time location tracking, users are left in the dark and become frustrated when a delivery doesn't match the expected arrival time. And with today's abundance of options, customers are less likely to be loyal to an app that doesn't meet their expectations.  

Static order trackers no longer measure up to the competition. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to create your own app or third-party delivery service live location tracking is now essential.

Read on to find out how Roam.ai can help you build a delivery tracker that provides a real-time view of your drivers and end-users.

Easily integrate location tracking with Roam.ai

Groceries, food, same-day parcel delivery or medicine - no matter your use case, Roam.ai can help you provide the best customer experience from the second the order is placed to the moment of handover. Powered by our leading SDK and customizable Trips APIs with automatic geofence creation at exit and arrival, keep customers informed and help improve driver efficiency.

Accurate and battery efficient SDK

To get started, integrate Roam.ai’s location tracking SDK in just a few lines of code.

The SDK provides an accuracy of up to 10 meters with the option to choose between tracking methods that balance the frequency of updates with battery consumption. Find out which tracking method is right for your use case.

Roam.ai’s SDK has been designed so there are no data gaps. Featuring offline location tracking in case of signal loss and support for tracking in all app states (background, foreground and suspended), ensure customers never lose track of their order.

Read more about how to build with Roam.ai’s SDK using our documentation.

Trips API

Once you’ve integrated the SDK, use Roam.ai’s Trips API to give customers a real-time view of their order. To support the customer experience, geofences with entry and exit events are automatically created for each trip. These can be triggered so your end-users receive notifications when their order has been dispatched or is about to arrive at their destination.  

Trips API main functionalities:

  • Create and manage orders with single or multiple origins and destinations: This means you can easily manage multiple orders with separate destinations in your delivery area.
  • Live trips: Get real-time trip events during the duration of the customers order via webhook.
  • Track and trace: Allows users to follow the progress of their delivery through a track and trace URL.
  • Trip summary: Get all the relevant information once a trip has been completed including distance, travel time and route taken. Store this data to improve driver efficiency.

Read our Trips API documentation and Knowledge Base to find out more.

Why Roam.ai?

Our main goal is to allow your business to easily integrate location tracking into your application to help you deliver a great customer experience.

  1. Increase customer satisfaction: Get live location updates of your drivers in real-time to provide users with transparency and confidence about the delivery of their goods.
  2. Reduce wait times: With up to 10 meters accuracy and real-time tracking, reduce customer support costs and ensure the customer is at home for the time of delivery.
  3. Battery efficient: Avoid unexpected battery loss with battery-optimized location tracking with tracking modes that can be customized based on a user’s speed.
  4. No data loss: With offline tracking and support for tracking in background, foreground and suspended application states, always be aware of where your drivers are.
  5. Easy to integrate: Integrate Roam.ai’s SDKs and Trips API in just a few lines of code to save hours of engineering time.  
  6. Scalable: Roam.ai’s serverless infrastructure is built to securely process all of your users’ location updates and scales with your business.

What’s next?

Need help creating your own custom location tracking solution for an on-demand app? Contact us or head to our discord community and we’ll get back to you!

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Florence Rodgerson
Florence Rodgerson
Content Writer
March 25, 2021