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Florence Rodgerson
Florence Rodgerson
Content Writer
September 2, 2021

Whether you’re booking a hotel for a weekend away or you need a ride home, location-based search is at the center of some of the world’s most successful apps.  

At, our goal is to make it easy for developers to integrate quality location-based features into any kind of application. Our Nearby APIs optimize search for both users and places in any given radius.  

Keep reading to find out more about how our two APIs; Get Nearby Geofences and Get Nearby Users, can optimize search for your apps.

Get Nearby Geofences API

With our Get Nearby Geofences API, your users can obtain a list of geofences that are within a specified radius. If you’re a retail shopping app, you can set geofences around stores so your users can search for nearby stores within a 5km radius from their current location.

The returned list of nearby Geofences can also contain all metadata assigned to each geofence upon its creation. You can assign whatever information is useful to your users: opening times, cost, star rating, accessibility and even parking availability.

Use cases for Nearby Geofences API:

  • Find local businesses: From shopping to restaurant chains, the API allows developers to add a search function that users can use to find locations in their local area. For instance, when a shopper needs to quickly pick up an item, they can easily find the store closest to their home that’s open past 9 PM.
  • Hotel search: Nearby Geofences can power hotel search apps while also allowing users to filter results by metadata assigned to each geofence. If a tourist is searching for a four-star hotel within 10km from the city center of their destination, geofences around hotels can
  • Micromobility scooter or car search: Vehicles that are part of micromobilty apps can often be parked in any area across a city. To help users find the scooters around in their nearby vicinity, a geofence can automatically be created around the parked vehicle.

Find out more about how to integrate our Nearby Geofences into your app by checking out our new geofencing documentation.  

Get Nearby Users API

Put simply,’s Get Nearby Users provides a list of users who are currently present within any given radius. But what does that mean for you?

If you’re a delivery app that needs to assign the closest driver to pick up your order, you can use the API to find all the available drivers around a 2km distance of the restaurant. The Nearby Users API can get real-time information about users within any given area at any given time.  

More use cases for Nearby Users API:

  • Ride-hailing: The Get Users Nearby API can efficiently connect drivers with passengers in the area. Once the passenger types in their destination, a geofence is created around their current location, thereby alerting all possible drivers within the radius to accept the trip.
  • Pickup and delivery: Similar to ride-hailing, the API is a great solution for shops and restaurants that need to find delivery drivers to pick up and drop off packages. On-demand delivery apps can assign deliveries to the closest driver for the quickest pick-up.
  • Dating and social apps: Dating apps usually require a user to set a location radius that tells the platform how far they’re willing to travel.’s API optimizes search, so no matter how big or small the radius, the user can be presented with others currently within the area.

Find out more about how to integrate’s Nearby Users API in our documentation.

What’s next?

Interested in integrating’s location SDK or Nearby APIs into your app? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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Florence Rodgerson
Florence Rodgerson
Content Writer
September 2, 2021