Customer Stories powers Drife's ride hailing platform.

Read about how DRIFE partnering with was one of the best decisions they made to improve their in-app user experience.

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1. Who is DRIFE?

2.'s solution

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As a ride-hailing platform, real-time location tracking is highly important in order to ensure the best customer experience possible.

We sat down with one of our customers DRIFE to hear a bit about their experience using Roam’s SDK and APIs.

Who is DRIFE?

“DRIFE is a decentralized blockchain-based ride-hailing platform with the intent of empowering the value creators and extractors within its ecosystem - the platform’s drivers and riders. The company eliminates excessive commission, reduces censorship and redistributes value back to the community and enhances the quality of rides.”

The Challenges

Nevertheless, even with DRIFE’s revolutionary approach to ride-hailing, they still experience similar challenges to other companies in the industry, specifically with regards to location tracking.

“When booking a cab, it is necessary to know the real-time location of the rider and the location of drivers to get the time taken to reach the user. DRIFE’s priority has always been to provide safety to both the rider and driver. To achieve this, the important factor is to live track riders from the moment they start their trip till they reach their destination as accurately as possible.”

ROAM AI’s Solution

We therefore worked with DRIFE to find the most suitable solution to their challenges. For example, DRIFE uses our Nearby API every time a customer books a ride in order to query nearby drivers eligible to serve that ride request. It helps in knowing the real-time location of the driver and the time to arrive when a trip is booked.

“ROAM’s platform also helps in live tracking of riders when they share their trip with their peers and friends, thus helping DRIFE to reach its goal of providing safety first. Together, DRIFE and ROAM help in increasing the functionality, quality, and safety of riders on their trip. It is also used within the application for geo-querying and geo-fencing.”

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