Customer Stories powers LetsTransport's real-time location tracking

LetsTransport uses’s SDK to save engineering time and power battery-efficient real-time tracking of truck drivers across India

Table of contents

1. Who is LetsTransport

2.'s solution

3. What's next?

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Who is LetsTransport?

LetsTransport is a leading truck aggregator platform that efficiently connects the supply and demand sides of the truck business in India. The company simplifies logistics operations by allowing local truck owners, vendors and brokers to directly pick up supply requests from enterprises.  

The challenge

For businesses shipping goods across India, both locally and nationally, it’s essential to know the location of their goods throughout the journey, from pick-up to drop-off. To achieve this, LetsTransport needed to integrate real-time location tracking into their drivers’ mobile app.

At first, LetsTransport built their own location tracking solution but found it was too time-consuming to develop and also produced delays in data.

“Our main goal was to get the location of the truck drivers recorded every 30 seconds. The location tracking we developed was not delivering this information on time. There were half a minute or one-minute delays.”
Product Manager, Sagar KS

The internal solution also had the unintended side effect of high battery drain. As a result, when the drivers’ device battery level was too low, it would lead to a weak signal or complete signal loss. Not having access to the status of a delivery can lead to inaccurate ETAs which lead to inefficiencies and delays at pick-up that can be costly to businesses.’s solution

To achieve the real-time location results needed for demand clients to track drivers’ routes, LetsTransport decided to save engineering time and chose to integrate’s Android SDK.

With’s location tracking, LetsTransport successfully allowed their demand clients to securely keep track of goods throughout the whole delivery process. LetsTransport achieved their desired result of receiving the location of truck drivers every 30 seconds in real-time, reducing the delay by as much as 60 seconds.’s dynamic tracking that adapts to users’ movement also solved the problem of high battery drain for truck drivers, ensuring no data loss when their device battery level was low.

“It was common that we would lose the signal or get a very weak signal because drivers’ battery level was low. We solved that problem when we switched to Roam’s location tracking.”
Product Manager, Sagar KS

Above all, LetsTransport easily integrated’s location tracking in just a few lines of code with affordable pricing, allowing their development team to allocate resources elsewhere.  

What’s next for LetsTransport?  

Next, LetsTransport will implement’s new AI-driven Accuracy Engine which will further improve the accuracy of their location tracking. is proud to partner with LetsTransport as the company plans to extend its business to more cities across India, further automating the process of matching supply and demand and making the logistics process smoother for everyone involved.

Ready to take the next steps?

Thank you for reading! If you're interested in seeing our product in action, click here to get in contact with our team. Or, if you're ready to get started, you can sign up here to start using our SDK and APIs today.