Roam Around: A new app from for real-time location tracking.

Marc Kranendonk
Marc Kranendonk
Content Manager
March 16, 2022

Introducing Roam Around! Our new easy-to-use live location tracking app with possibilities of sharing your live location to anyone using a link.

Why did we build Roam Around?

Being a location technology provider for apps, we always wanted to find a simple way for everyone to explore the possibilities and get a feel for our technology. We started with a clean sheet of paper and chose our ICP (ideal customer profile) as…well, everyone. This means we’ve built an app with the mindset that even your grandpa with an interest in technology should be able to use it with ease.

Who is Roam Around for?

Well I did say it was for everyone, but if we want to get bogged down into specifics, I’d split it into two customer types:, (1) Business and (2) Hobbyist

  1. Business; A Business is someone that wants to build an app with location capabilities. Whether that be a delivery app or social app focused on consumers. This can be a Developer or a Product Manager, who has no technical experience but wants to dip their toes and test the uncharted waters of location technology. To those people, Roam Around is the perfect introduction to our location technologies and their capabilities.
  2. Hobbyist; This is my favorite part and makes me very appreciative of an app that I (just a writer who still struggles with keyboard commands) can make use of. Think about if you want to meet up with your friends at a park to soak up the sun and have lunch. With the Roam Around app, you can set up your own "find my network" for both Android and Apple devices, and share your live location with your friends. They'll be able to locate exactly where you are instead of wandering around like they're trying to find Nemo. (Maybe this should be the topic of my next article...).

What can you do with Roam Around?

We’ve hinted at what you can do with Roam Around already but with that being said, let’s elaborate on some of the details of our app.

Live Tracking

With live tracking, you can track your position in real-time and see exactly where you are. This is music to the ears of those with no sense of direction. It’s completely customizable too, you’ll be able to tailor the live-tracking to your preferences. The biggest worry people have with live tracking is battery consumption, but we’ve thought of that too. Even with our most intense tracking mode, you’ll still be able to endlessly scroll TikTok videos, browse doomsday Reddit news, and play your favorite mobile game.

Share Live Location

With the live tracking activated, you’ll have the option to share your live location with your friends (should you have any that care, don’t worry we’re here for you). That way you’ll be able to see where y’all are located in real-time.

Location History

This one's for the geeks. On the app, you can see your historical location updates displayed on a map and neatly sorted by date and local time zone. It’s a nice visual way of looking back and seeing how your locations have been tracked daily.

Export Raw Location Data

Sorry, this is still for the geeks, but that historical location data can also be exported into a CSV file. Why would you want that data in a CSV file? Rebuttal, why would you not? Well, you’ll be able to export the data and see even more precise and nerdier info on the numbers.

How to get started with Roam Around?

You’ll need a small crash course on how to get set up before getting started with Roam Around, so here it is.

Create a Roam Around project:

Log in to the Roam dashboard and create a Roam Around Project

Create a User ID:

Navigate to the product settings and copy the project’s API key. Then, go to our track dashboard and paste your API key and you’ll be able to create a unique User ID.

Download the App:

Go to the Apple or Google Play Store and download the app. Once downloaded, paste the User ID to log in and you’re good to go. You can now choose which tracking mode you want to use, and start tracking!

Click here for a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to get started with Roam Around.

Ready to take the next steps?

Alright Dwight, Interested in Roam Around and want to know more? Get in contact with our team. Or, if you're ready to get started, you can sign up here to start using our SDK and APIs today.

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Marc Kranendonk
Marc Kranendonk
Content Manager
March 16, 2022