Pricing - introduction offers a usage based pricing model meaning you are charged according to your usage of the product. We have different pricing plans depending on your usage.

We define the usage by counting the three types of units listed below that have monetary value.

  • Location update - a single record of latitude and longitude data along with speed, altitude and along with other supporting data points.
  • Pub/Sub Message - (Pub)lish Message is a process of sending the location update from the client SDK to a backend; (Sub)scribe Message is a process of receiving the location update via webhooks or clients and backend SDKs.
  • API Request - a request that allows you to retrieve data from a data source, send data, or modify data.

We’ve enriched our model with different pricing plans. Each plan comes with different limits for Location Updates, Pub/Sub Messages and API requests you can consume per month. In case you exceed the limit, you’ll be charged a small Overage Fee for the additional units you consume instead of having to move to a higher plan. There are also different features available in each pricing plan.To see all the pricing plans and the list of available features visit our pricing page.

Published on:
January 26, 2021
Updated on:
June 21, 2023