Roam's Marketing Campaign Feature

Using the Dashboard and our geofence API you will have the opportunity to create and manage Marketing Campaigns to send location triggered notifications. You'll be able to create and edit geofences, market campaigns and follow your users in real time. Additionally, you'll be able to see the users notified and the CTR (click through rate).

Location-based marketing is a trend in the field of marketing that has been growing tremendously over recent years. The same can be said for geofencing marketing in general. At roam we built our marketing campaigns feature to be able to accommodate for that trend and to allow teams to use our Geofencing API for marketing purposes.

Our Geofence API already offers a high degree of customizability with polygon, user-specific, time-sensitive, and even metadata geofences. And the good news is that you can use these customizable geofence types for marketing purposes. So you can design completely unique marketing campaigns and target the right users at the right place and at the right time. This helps you maximize the conversion and efficiency of your marketing campaign and ultimately allows you to deliver great content to your users when they expect it.

From the dashboard you will be able to create and manage all of your campaigns. You'll be able to benchmark the campaigns against one another to see which campaign is performing better based on the number of users notified, and the click through rate.

Unlock the power of location intelligence and location marketing to increase customer loyalty, create personalized customer engagement, and gain a competitive edge.

Published on:
March 9, 2022
Updated on:
June 21, 2023