What is Roam.ai on-premises?

Roam.ai on-premises allows you to run the full Roam.ai stack on your own private infrastructure (virtual private cloud). This means the data you collect on your users never leaves your servers, and Roam is not involved in the data collection process. We give you full access to our SDK and APIs for a fixed yearly licensing fee. Along with that comes deployment and support fees, as well as continuous updates when we make updates and improvements to our products.

The benefits of the on-premise are the privacy and the security aspect. Location tracking can be a very sensitive topic depending on the industry you find yourself in. Therefore, we wanted to be able to support developers and teams in those industries that want to provide a premium location tracking solution to their users but that need to ensure complete control over said technology.

Roam.ai's on-premises is mainly for enterprise customers. The solution is often chosen by businesses in highly regulated industries such as banking, government or insurance. Select on-premises deployment to maintain the highest level of control to meet your organisations security, privacy and compliance requirements.

Published on:
October 21, 2020
Updated on:
June 21, 2023