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Experience a full and complete product range to suit your every needs. Customizable and tailored to your use case.

Battery Efficiency of location tracking with Location SDK. Powered by Roam.ai

Location SDK

Offering high accuracy, low battery drain, offline tracking, mock location detection, and always on

Nearby API to find nearby users and geofences around a user or a location. Find nearest users to user. Find nearest user to location. Roam.ai

Geofence API

Customizable and personalized geofence API. Includes polygon, user-specific, time sensitive, and  metadata geofences

Trips API. Multiple stops trips api. Roam.ai trips API. Trips API for delivery. Trips api for ride-hailing. Trips api for fitness.

Trips API

Manage and start quick and planned trips with single or multiple destination points.

Insights API to find user points of interest (POI), home and work location. Machine learning algorithm to determine user insights. Roam.ai

Tracking Dashboard

See all your tracked users, all geofences, and all trips history in real-time.

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